Why I do NOT Recommend
Wealthy Affiliate: 

  • NO Refunds - Once you hit the pay button it is too late for regrets they have a NO REFUND policy.
  • Niche Selection - Many people have trouble choosing a niche to pursue and just as many people get stuck at this point and there is basically no guidance for the students. 
  • Emphasis on promoting Wealthy Affiliate - I do not like the fact that instead of helping you and guiding you toward a niche that will work for you they instead simply steer you into promoting Wealthy Affiliate. 
  • To Much Information - There is a lot happening on the WA site: people chatting questions being asked videos being posted, questions being answered, It is easy to get confused about what steps to take next. 
  • Outdated Training - Some of the training videos were more than 6 years ago. There is one thing that you can count on with Google is change. It is also true that what was relevant to Google ranking system 6 years ago may not be as important today.
  • Not enough one-on-one help

Here is the System
I recommend Instead: 

  • Dedicated Coach to help you with Niche Selection  
  • Easy, step by step instructions for beginners.  
  • Constantly Updated Training with Live Video Training Weekly 
  • Personal Cell number of your coach so you can call them with questions.

Watch This Short Video To Find Out How it Works:

Wealthy Affiliate Pricing