Why I do NOT Recommend 
Ministry of Freedom:  

  • Requires Money for Paid Ads: In order to succeed you need to pay money for advertising. There are some free traffic methods in the course also, but I have personally tried similar methods and you have to be willing to spend a lot, and lose a lot before finding a winner. There is potential to lose a lot of money if you choose the wrong offer.
  • Jono Armstrong a scam? I do not believe he is a scam. However, make sure you read the refund policy before buying, there are specific requirements if you want them to process your refund. Affiliate marketing can work, but it is not my recommended business model (read more below). Our recommended program below will actually show you how to make money with free traffic, and you own all the products yourself. Scroll down to read more.
  • You do not own the product: Because Jono teaches you how to promote someone else's product, in the end, you are at the mercy of the product owner. They may decide to pay you less. They may decide to stop selling or supporting their product, stop paying you, etc.. and there is nothing you can do about it. Instead, invest in a system that teaches you how to build an online business that you OWN instead. If you do this, it won't be any more work than starting up an affiliate business. Our recommended program below teaches you how to do just that. IN FACT, our recommended solution below even works for teenagers! They do the whole thing via email, no phone calls required.

Here is the System
I recommend Instead: 

  • Works on Autopilot, whether you are working or not. (SCALABLE!)
  • In-depth training on free traffic (no paid ads required)
  • You own the product forever and keep all the profits.
  • Easy, step by step instructions for beginners.
  • Constantly Updated Training with Live Video Training Weekly
  • Personal Cell number of your coach so you can call them with questions

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Joseph made $1300 in less than 3 days after joining the training

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