I want to introduce you to a whole community of people that have taken my programs through the years and that have successfully started their own Online Businesses or grew their existing agencies. ( When you Join one of my programs you automatically get LIFETIME Access to my Closed Facebook Group, where you can interact with other likeminded people).

(This is not an easy keyword.)

There is not many people who I can say to them, “I look forward to your emails.” For you, I can say this.

My name is Ralph Morton an 81 year old marketer, I tell you this because I want to say I admire the way you do business.

I have learned so much, too much I have to say, for it is a lot to take in.

However, I know your Google maps works and anything you come up with next is going to be appreciated. I know the maps for sure works.

Fortunately, my site has what you say is important to make the Google maps work... so I just used your system and I was immediately No.1 for my area. Not only for the town I live in, but the towns within 60 or 70 miles.

Well, No.1 for the town I live in, not No.1 (but darned close to it) for the rest of the towns.

This is not an easy keyword. This is what amazes me. Now you understand why I am excited.

Try [keyword removed] Surrey, Vancouver. Well, Vancouver is a big city. I am on the second page in North Vancouver, Coquitlam, Burnaby, Abbotsford. There are other towns around but I haven’t had time to check.

Sure suprized me how well it worked.

 Ralph Morton | 81 Year old

 I used Your System Immediately No. 1  For My Area!

OMG this really is more like 3 courses rolled into one

Once again Chad and Seth have really over-delivered quality information on their topic. As a working SEO consultant I can confirm that this is absolutely the best and most thorough course on Google places ever produced. Much of the information contained within, I have until now only wished was possible, but never had the time to figure out for myself. Thankfully I now just need to apply these shortcuts rather than stumble along trying to figure them out myself. This is a HUGE time-saving and would more than justify a much higher price for this course.

Happily Chad’s style of teaching takes you step by step through all the stages needed to achieve similar results, and simplifies a somewhat complex method so that it is, for the most part easy to follow and implement. All this at a pace that makes the learning interesting and understandable.

The main thing is that if you just follow the steps (in the order that Chad lays out) you will achieve fantastic results and most importantly not be penalized for making (in the eyes of Google) mistakes.

This is the 4th product I’ve purchased and so far each one has made me (and the IRS) richer and continue to do so. I already know this course will be no exception and quite possibly better the previous ones.

Lastly I can also confirm (personal experience) that Chad and Seth’s customer support is superb (7 days a week) and they quickly sorted out a payment problem for me (no they did not pay for me so that I was able to purchase this course, whilst at the same time thanking me

 John Macdonald

 Great Product + Good Customer   Support + 365 Day Guarantee +   Affordably Cheap Price = No Brainer to   buy!!!!

Hey Chaddo been following you for some time with your blog. Wanted to day thank you for your google local shares. I was able to create a party company that is doing about half million dollar in sales a year. Alot of that marketing was from you or you inspired it and i ran with it and other ideas. For some reason it doesnt show friend request for me to add. If you can request it so i can follow you.

All the best..

 Miami Mike!

 Chad's training for me is the BEST, no   nonsense, clear and precise teaching   style. He walks his talk.

Ranked 4th Within 2 Days w/o a Website!

OK, brevity being what it is… This is the real deal – I got listed & ranked 4th within 2 days w/o a website!

I’ve been in Real Estate over 30 years & can’t tell you how many thousands I have wasted on what turns out to be a worthless billboard with little activity. I had canned all my sites a year ago & just happened onto Chad recently….my lucky day!

I’ll post all along the way as my successes mount – BUY THE COURSE if you care about your business!

Brent Elzinga

Bottom line--it's working for me and I've made money on it and will continue to work it

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